​ Am I a healer? If so what are my necessities?

“It’s both a blessing an a course to feel everything so very deeply”

This post is to give you an insight to know if you are healer, which often are very sensitive souls. All the points here are from my spiritual studies and my own experience as a very sensitive soul. If you feel attracted to study spirituality you may have read terms like: empath, intuitive, crystal child, indigo child. All of these words are related in terms of hyper sensitive beings who are in the world to be peacemakers, lightworkers, and healers in general.
Before giving you the characteristics of a healer, let me explain what the word healer means. A healer is someone to gives light to the world, to heal emotional and spiritual issues, like anxiety and depression for example, you could say it is like a psychologist, only that a healer is more spiritual oriented.
With this point explained lets see some of the characteristics of a healer:
  1. They are hyper sensitive souls, who can tune in the emotions or energy of people or places very easily. This hability is known as being an empath.
  2. They have a tendency to suffer from anxiety and depression themselves. This is because as sensitive souls they sometimes feel the weight of the world so cruel and heavy.
  3. They need lots of time of solitude to re connect with themselves.
  4. They enjoy expending time in nature or taking little sun baths as this recharge their energy.
  5. They need lots of spiritual self care, like reading, meditation and praying.
  6. They don’t like gossip or judge other people.
  7. They feel very connected with God, Angels or with their higher spirit.
  8. They are not able to cause any form of harm to any creature alive or anything.
  9. They work better in small groups with like minded people.
  10. They feel everything so very deeply, the sadness and happiness.
  11. They need a very strict special balance between work and rest. This is necessary for everyone but specially for high sensitivity people.
  12. They need plenty of workout activities like running, swimming or yoga to de stress themselves and keep their energy balanced.
  13. They need and work better in a clean, natural clutter free space.
Peace. Love. Freedom.

Why can’t I achieve my dreams?

Today, at my morning workout, I was sadly thinking about how I made the wrong choices over and over again. One of them is the major I chose in college: International Marketing. I am so grateful to my parents and to life for giving me the resources and tools that I needed to graduate and get a bachelor’s degree. However, if I am true to myself, I want to become a spiritual life coach blogger and youtuber. That is my dream that I’m struggling with. I have also taken a couple of courses like a course on angel readings, Reiki 1, and Reiki 2. I want to star applying this knowledge to illuminate the life of people I can reach. That is my true calling.

Anyway, getting back to the topic of this post, I am going to write why sometimes achieving our dreams seems so difficult.

  1. Fear. Fear is part of our nature as human beings. Fear is a good passenger as it protects us, but it is a terrible driver. Be aware of your fears and don’t let them rule your life. We usually have fear of failure. However, more often than we know, we also fear success (I declare myself guilty of this).
  2. Self-Sabotage. Yes, there could be plenty of obstacles in the way like lack of money, lack of motivation, lack of time, or energy. But if you think about it, another obstacle to overcome is yourself. That is a scary realization because you cannot run from yourself. Be aware of this and don’t let yourself be another obstacle.
  3. Pride. This word is the opposite of one of my favorite words, which is humility. Naturally, as human beings, we want instant gratification for our work, either emotional or economical. But if we really want to achieve our dreams and make a real contribution to the world we can’t afford to waste resources on pride. Important things take time and effort. What we need to focus on is on helping people, giving real value to their lives, always keeping ourselves humble, and using recognition only as a measurement tool to tell us that what we are doing is really working.
  4. Not being consistent. This means not doing at least small things every day to making things happen. You have to wake up every day and schedule your day to work on your dreams. “Don’t wish for it. Work for it” And take small steps every day.
  5. Not following the true calling of your soul. This point is very clear, however it is not always easy to follow the calling of your soul, what really make us happy and give us energy and vitality. This happens so often because what we think society, family, friends, etc, want us to be. In order to avoid this we need to make ourselves conscious of our true nature, temper, character, talents, skills and values.

What else do you think are factors stopping us from achieving our dreams? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comment section.

Thank you so much for reading. Peace. Love. Freedom.




PROPIEDADES: Antitumoral, estimula las defensas, antidepresivo, relajante muscular, anti-inflamatorio, aumenta la oxigenación en el cerebro y en las células, restaura el ADN. Estimula el hipotálamo, la pituitaria y la glándula pineal. Mejora la concentración, aumenta la conexión espiritual, promueve la oración y la meditación, protege de energía negativa.

USOS: Depresión, cáncer, infecciones respiratorias, inflamación, problemas crónico-degenerativos, dolor de articulaciones, problemas cerebrales, quemaduras, manchas y problemas de la piel.


  1. Inhala para aumentar el oxígeno en el cerebro.
  2. Aplica con un difusor para la depresión.
  3. Inhala profundamente y aplica en las sienes, frente y coronilla, para mejorar la oración y meditación.
  4. Aplica en las plantas de los pies para tener mayor bienestar.
  5. Póntelo tópicamente en casos de dolor o inflamación de articulaciones.
  6. Pon 10-20 gotas en una cápsula y tómalo internamente para fortalecer el sistema inmunológico y para ayudar a combatir el cáncer.
  7. Aplícalo tópicamente para el cáncer de la piel o seno.
  8. Aplícalo localmente sobre quemaduras o irritaciones de la piel. 
  9. Toma una cápsula de incienso con lavanda para gastritis o úlcera.
  10. Aplica 1 o 2 gotas en las manchas de la piel hasta que desaparezcan.
  11. Aplica una gota en la coronilla, hombros y nuca para protegerte de energía negativa.
  12. Combina con Ningxia Red para enfermedades crónicas.
  13. Para infecciones respiratorias aplícalo en el pecho y espalda o en los puntos vita-flex del pulmón.
  14. Aplica directamente en los piquetes de insectos.

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