Autoestima en el Trabajo

“Uno de los grandes problemas con el mundo, es que los inteligentes están llenos de dudas, mientras los estúpidos están llenos de confianza en si mismos”                           – Charles Bukowski 

No es poco común que pase esto en la vida. Puede ser que alguien con una excelente preparación y calidad humana, no logre sobre salir a causa de sus dudas, miedos y autosabotaje. Por el contrario alguien puede no tener un alto nivel de educación, y estar lleno de confianza en si mismo. Cuanto te sientas que no estas obteniendo lo que quisieras a pesar de haber hecho grandes esfuerzos en tu vida, haz una lista de por qué tanto tú y tu trabajo son tan valiosos. Y recuerda: Nadie puede hacerte sentir inferior sin tu consentimiento. Nosotros somos los únicos que nos ponemos limitaciones.

Les comparto un ejemplo de la lista que pueden crear. No tiene que ser igual a la mía, pero les dará inspiración para confiar y valorarse a si mismos tato en el trabajo como en lo personal.
Mi trabajo vale porque…
♥︎ Tengo estudios y preparación
♥︎ Mis energías son muy valiosas y limitadas
♥︎ Por mi inversión creativa
♥︎ Por toda la inversión en tiempo, dinero, trabajo y esfuerzo que hemos invertido mis papás y yo en mi educación
♥︎ Por la investigación y el tiempo que dedico a mis proyectos
♥︎ Porque dedico tiempo a la creación de mis ideas
♥︎ Porque mis ideas son valiosas y confío en ellas
♥︎ Porque trabajo para crear y comunicar mis ideas de la manera más simple y eficiente.

Listos para hacer su lista de por qué son tan fregones? Espero que sí. Bendiciones.


Tips para vender en Mercado Libre

Antes de Publicar en Mercado Libre y elegir qué productos vender:

1. Analiza la competencia:
– Qué productos estan vendiendo?
– Ya están vendiendo el mismo producto que tu quieres veder?
– Puedes mejorar el precio de la competencia?
– En caso de no poder mejorar el precio, le puedes dar a tu producto algún valor agregado, que lo haga destacar del montón? Como por ejemplo dar un regalo con cada compra?

2. Analiza qué palabras claves son las que están ataryendo más trafico a tus publicaciones.
– Analiza las palabras clave en las publicaciones de la competencia, de preferencia las de vendedores exitosos.
– Ayúdate con Google Trends.
– Qué tanta demanda tienen esos productos?

3. Estudia y analiza el mercado. Hay algun producto que sea demandado y que no haya suficiente oferta del mismo? Es aquí donde hay oportunidad para vender.

Conciencia del ahora y del amor

Alguna vez has tenido el pensamiento de para qué me esforzaba y estresaba tanto en la escuela para obtener buenas calificaciones en los exámenes y en realidad lo poco que importa eso ahora.

Al final de la vida puede pasar lo mismo si no nos hacemos concientes del momento presente, y terminar preguntándonos para qué nos preocupamos tanto por conseguir y tener lo que la sociendad nos condiciona a pensar que es lo ideal.

Para qué pase tanto tiempo preocupandome por el futuro, por el dinero, por impresionar a otros en fb aparentabdo que mi vida es perfecta. Por qué no disfrute e invertí más y mejor tiempo de calidad con mis seres queridos? a las cosas realmente bellas, la inspiración, hacer las cosas con más amor, creatividad, o a todas aquellas cosas profundas que al final de la vida veremos que eran lo que importaba. Qué puede ser lo más importante en la vida al final? El amor. El amor sano hacia uno mismo y hacia los demás. Haste consciente de eso ahora, no esperes al final de la vida que se va en un abrir y cerrar de ojos.

No quiero decir que dejemos de tener metas sueños y trabajemos por ellos, pero si hacernos consientes de todas etiquetas mentales que nos pone la mercadotecnia social mundial de lo que debemos ser hacer y tener.

When stress and anxiety interfere with your goals. Simple Advice… 

We all feel stressed or anxious now and then. Of course stress should be kind of normal in a life like this, with so many demands and expectations. I dont want to stress you here but the list to stress about in life can be long: money, society expectations, religion, culture, mental and physical health, our own internal issues, family, relashionships, kids, to keep the house clean, and so on. And like Elizabeth Gilbert would said in her book “Big Magic” the list is depressing and I don’t have all day here.

My intention here is to provide you with a simple yet inspirational tip to use when you feel overwhelmed for all of these. Lets say you have problems in 3 areas of your life, for example: Family, Relationships and you are struggling with lossing weight.

The advice is to pick just one of these problems and focus and give the most of your focus to one problem at a time. Of the list of all your problems What is your biggest problem? What is the problem you feel you need to take care of asap?

In the example case I would say it would be to loss weight. Why? Because lossing weight and being healthy is going to give you the energy and motivation to deal with the other problems. And I think it is like a chain. If you fix one problem then it is easier to solve the problem next to it.

Think of an action plan to acomplish your goals, in this case it could be:
♥︎ Follow inspirational fitness accounts on instagram.
♥︎ To keep track of your food and your mood in a notebook to keep yourself motivated.
♥︎ Get yourself disciplined with your workout routines even if all you can do is 10 minutes of cardio a day.
♥︎ Read articles about fitness.

Should this mean we should all day cooking healthy food, working out, reading fitness articles and watching beachbody on demand pictures all day long? No… cus is very likely you have more responsibilities
But I think is something crucial to always keep in mind to focus on one thing at a time, one step at a time and shut everything else down a little, to keep ourselves sane.

What is an Hobonichi?

Captura de pantalla 2017-07-27 a las 1.22.58 p.m.

Picture from my Instagram

An Hobonichi is a Japanese Book, that can be used in many ways like: journal, planner, art journal, scrapbook etc.

I’v been using an hobinichi for 3 years now and I love it.

Why I love Hobonichi?

1.Because I am a marketing victim of the company… just kidding… although it’s true 😉

2.Its versatile, it can be used in many ways like the ones mentioned above.

3.The pages are really good quality, they resist water colors, stickers, pens, pencil, markers, and all kind of writing supplies. Ideal for planner lovers.

4.It’s a great way to organize your life, being creative, and bring some fun and magic to your life. Nerdy too much hehe

I’ll be sharing with you my favorite hobonichi pages, since 2014 in different posts.

What else? What would you say? Why do you love your hobonichi? Please tell me, and I will add it to this list. Im pretty sure Im leaving some things behind.

How to Write a Book Review?

Here are some easy steps to write a good book review.

1.Title of the book
2.Name of the author.
3.Breve biographical review of the author (investigate)
4.General to which the book belongs.
5.Context of production of the author. (Time, why write it, etc.)

Summary of the book / plot of the story.
1. Important aspects to highlight of the contents of the book.
2. Paragraphs that caught my attention (at least three).
3. What did I learn from this reading?
4. How did I feel after reading this book?

Source of information: My Friend and Teacher of “Reading and Writing Workshop” Maly 🙂

The Four Agreemenst Book Review


The Four Agreements is a book written by Dr. Miguel Ruiz that contains a philosophy that despite being very basic and essential, we tend to forget. The four agreements are 4 fundamental ideas in life, which all human beings should constantly remember.

Dr. Miguel Ruiz proposes in this book a simple procedure to eliminate all those inherited beliefs that limit us and replace them with others that respond to our inner reality and lead us to freedom

The magic of this book is its simplicity and the wisdom it contains. It is also a very short book that is easy to read in a week.

A good couple of years ago I read this book but I summarize the 4 agreements, because of their simplicity are always easy to remember.

First agreement

Be flawless with your words. You have to be very careful when talking. How we express ourselves speaks of ourselves and what we carry within. Remember to always speak positive, do not judge your neighbor or yourself.

Second Agreement

Do not take anything personal. This agreement is undoubtedly my favorite, it teaches us to create a bubble or protective shield before criticism, ideas and judgments of other people towards us, teaching us that what others think and say about us is only a reflection of their own ideas And way of seeing the world. As long as you know who you are you have nothing to prove to anyone.

Third Agreement

Do not make assumptions. How much do we wear away thinking too much stuff that most of the time is not true? Or do we interpret pre-judicious words that tell us that perhaps they were not said with bad intent? Do not wear out your mind and your energies by making assumptions of nothing.

Fourth Agreement

Always do the best you can. By doing the best you can you are giving your maximum and the best of you. Do not compare yourself with anyone.

No doubt a book that can not miss in the collection of books of lovers of personal and spiritual growth.

I hope you liked the summary and the review of this wonderful book. Please write in the comments section that you found in this review? Or if this book is also in your favorite book collection, how do you like the book?