Reiki 1 Diploma

This is something I wanted to do for a while. Is that kind of things that is on your life to do list.

Reiki is healing with the Good Energy of the universe, through the imposition of your hands and intention. I’m not going to explain what Reiki is all about here, there is a bunch of info on the internet in case you are interested.
I really have this desire of contributing in the healing process of this world. I don’t know how exactly but I have a couple of ideas in my mind.
I have been through so much anxiety in my life, sometimes anxiety created for situations, and I always have believed my genetic predisposition plays a good roll too. What I’m learning (well not learning, because learning in theory is easy), I’m trying to really BE responsable for my own energy, which is an important aspect of the healing process…


I meet really wonderful people, and I was happy to meet a couple of angels on Earth. Beautiful people following the path of healing. We worked two days in a row with our energy, thoughts and emotions. I  have received a couple of diplomas in my life but this time I felt really proud of myself, because this is something that really resonates with my soul, and I think with my life purpose.
When I left the classroom I felt so much peace, wishing that more people in the world were like the people I was with all day.  But there is so much work to do in the real world, and we all have to keep working to keep that positive energy and high vibrations within ourselves.
Original post written by the same author 6/06/2014 for Cute Fairy Dreams

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