Benefits of Silence


There are many scientific studies that show that silence is very beneficial to your health.

Noise and especially sounds of more than 30 decibels are associated with high blood pressure, anxiety and stress.

Many people get out of bed, take a shower, have coffee and listen to the news of the day and thus start the stress cycle for that day.

Silence lowers blood pressure and allows you to cope with the challenges of life in a better way.

Silence is like connecting your phone … your mind also needs to recharge and do more in the silence of what is recharged during sleep.

Silence is important whether it is inside or outside.Sometimes we have more talk inside our mind than the noise outside. Close the door, take a few deep breaths and sit somewhere for a while and just watch your inner dialogue decreases.

Silence allows you to find yourself, even when you are immersed in all the bustle around you.Especially if you are a busy person, sometimes you have the feeling of being a human doing instead of a living human being. Silence will help you feel human again.

Silence strengthens your immune system so it is easier for your body to fight off bacteria and other pathogens.

Silence makes you happy. Spending time in silence increases the chemistry of your brain and as a side effect is also a great way to focus better!

Silence makes you look and feel younger and at the same time have much more energy.

Silence reduces stress (reduces blood cortisol levels and adrenaline levels), which is the leading cause of death in the world. Adding 30 minutes of silence to your day can change your life.

Silence allows good hormonal regulation and the interaction of all hormone-related systems in your body.

Silence prevents the formation of plaques in the arteries and therefore helps prevent cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Silence reduces pain, and also helps the brain become more interactive, so you can use more areas of your brain giving rise to greater cognitive abilities.

Silence makes you much more capable of dealing with emotional problems and also reduces loneliness.

Only a little silence will do good to your body, mind and spirit!

And this my dear friends is why I love the sound of silence.

Of course we need some noise now and then for balance, but if you ask me I always have preferred silence than noise. What about you?


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