​ Tougths that make me free

♥︎ Do not compare yourself with anyone, not for good, not for bad, every human being is unique, everybody is a different world. The path of everyone is different.

♥︎ Focus on yourself, on your own energy, your conection with your spirit and God
♥︎ Focus your atention on the present moment, and learn to appreciate the little simple things every day, they are blessings.
♥︎ Practice gratitude, having a journal and write about the little and big things you enjoy everyday is a fun and creative way to practice gratitude. Also this give inspiration to others to practice the same.
♥︎ Work consciously every day to keep your emotions balanced. To keep your chakras balanced.
♥︎ Be an emisor instead of a receptor.
♥︎ Stop trying to prove and show off who you are, what you know, etc, it is very anoying for you and others, know who you are yourself and give yourself value for that.
♥︎ Dont act or say something just to be recognized for it. Do it for love, first because you love yourself, then to help others to do the same.

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