The Four Agreemenst Book Review


The Four Agreements is a book written by Dr. Miguel Ruiz that contains a philosophy that despite being very basic and essential, we tend to forget. The four agreements are 4 fundamental ideas in life, which all human beings should constantly remember.

Dr. Miguel Ruiz proposes in this book a simple procedure to eliminate all those inherited beliefs that limit us and replace them with others that respond to our inner reality and lead us to freedom

The magic of this book is its simplicity and the wisdom it contains. It is also a very short book that is easy to read in a week.

A good couple of years ago I read this book but I summarize the 4 agreements, because of their simplicity are always easy to remember.

First agreement

Be flawless with your words. You have to be very careful when talking. How we express ourselves speaks of ourselves and what we carry within. Remember to always speak positive, do not judge your neighbor or yourself.

Second Agreement

Do not take anything personal. This agreement is undoubtedly my favorite, it teaches us to create a bubble or protective shield before criticism, ideas and judgments of other people towards us, teaching us that what others think and say about us is only a reflection of their own ideas And way of seeing the world. As long as you know who you are you have nothing to prove to anyone.

Third Agreement

Do not make assumptions. How much do we wear away thinking too much stuff that most of the time is not true? Or do we interpret pre-judicious words that tell us that perhaps they were not said with bad intent? Do not wear out your mind and your energies by making assumptions of nothing.

Fourth Agreement

Always do the best you can. By doing the best you can you are giving your maximum and the best of you. Do not compare yourself with anyone.

No doubt a book that can not miss in the collection of books of lovers of personal and spiritual growth.

I hope you liked the summary and the review of this wonderful book. Please write in the comments section that you found in this review? Or if this book is also in your favorite book collection, how do you like the book?


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