What is an Hobonichi?

Captura de pantalla 2017-07-27 a las 1.22.58 p.m.

Picture from my Instagram

An Hobonichi is a Japanese Book, that can be used in many ways like: journal, planner, art journal, scrapbook etc.

I’v been using an hobinichi for 3 years now and I love it.

Why I love Hobonichi?

1.Because I am a marketing victim of the company… just kidding… although it’s true 😉

2.Its versatile, it can be used in many ways like the ones mentioned above.

3.The pages are really good quality, they resist water colors, stickers, pens, pencil, markers, and all kind of writing supplies. Ideal for planner lovers.

4.It’s a great way to organize your life, being creative, and bring some fun and magic to your life. Nerdy too much hehe

I’ll be sharing with you my favorite hobonichi pages, since 2014 in different posts.

What else? What would you say? Why do you love your hobonichi? Please tell me, and I will add it to this list. Im pretty sure Im leaving some things behind.


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