When stress and anxiety interfere with your goals. Simple Advice… 

We all feel stressed or anxious now and then. Of course stress should be kind of normal in a life like this, with so many demands and expectations. I dont want to stress you here but the list to stress about in life can be long: money, society expectations, religion, culture, mental and physical health, our own internal issues, family, relashionships, kids, to keep the house clean, and so on. And like Elizabeth Gilbert would said in her book “Big Magic” the list is depressing and I don’t have all day here.

My intention here is to provide you with a simple yet inspirational tip to use when you feel overwhelmed for all of these. Lets say you have problems in 3 areas of your life, for example: Family, Relationships and you are struggling with lossing weight.

The advice is to pick just one of these problems and focus and give the most of your focus to one problem at a time. Of the list of all your problems What is your biggest problem? What is the problem you feel you need to take care of asap?

In the example case I would say it would be to loss weight. Why? Because lossing weight and being healthy is going to give you the energy and motivation to deal with the other problems. And I think it is like a chain. If you fix one problem then it is easier to solve the problem next to it.

Think of an action plan to acomplish your goals, in this case it could be:
♥︎ Follow inspirational fitness accounts on instagram.
♥︎ To keep track of your food and your mood in a notebook to keep yourself motivated.
♥︎ Get yourself disciplined with your workout routines even if all you can do is 10 minutes of cardio a day.
♥︎ Read articles about fitness.

Should this mean we should all day cooking healthy food, working out, reading fitness articles and watching beachbody on demand pictures all day long? No… cus is very likely you have more responsibilities
But I think is something crucial to always keep in mind to focus on one thing at a time, one step at a time and shut everything else down a little, to keep ourselves sane.


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