​ How to bring magic into your life?


Sometimes I see magic everywhere. It all depends of where your attention goes, cus where your atention goes your energy flow. You can create and bring magic into your life by what you focus your atention to, by what you think, what you decide to see in others, with your intention, even maybe with magical rituals cus that help you to set your intention and to be prepared and open for what you want to attract and receive into your life. You can help this magic even more by moving the things on your surrendings, by getting rid of whatever adds extra weight into your life that you dont need, buy doing so you create more space to focus on what really matters in life, you can focus on being, yo can focus on healing yourself, and by doing so you automatically are making great cobtribution to the world. You can help this process by being consious of what you eat, listening to relaxing hi vibrational music, having more contact with nature, the information and images you consume, by learning to enjoy the simple things in life that we have to do any way like taking a shower and eat.

Any ideas on how to add simple magic into your life every day? I would love to read your ideas in te comment section.


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