How to avoid carbs?

ATTENTION: This article only applies if you feel that your body needs a detox, and you want to make a temporary diet (maximum of one month) for example the Ketogenic Diet, where you can lose weight quickly. There is nothing wrong with carbohydrates as long as you consume them moderately.

This is not an article that is going to tell you what are the bad carbohydrates that you should stop consuming and what foods to consume. I imagine that we all already know what we should and should not eat. In case you do not remember, you can read this article.

This post aims to motivate you to refrain from consuming what we already know we should not.

This is a contract-type idea, that came to me, from carbohydrates, which if is necessary read it every time you want to eat some flour or something sweet.

I share the idea with the intention that it also motivates you to refrain from eating unhealthy foods.


Hello! I am the sugar and the carbohydrates, if you are going to eat me you will have to pay in the following way:

1.With the damage I do to your body and your mood.
2.I’ll make you feel lethargic and without energy.


3.I will accumulate in your body making you feel fat and unattractive.
4.If you eat me, you will fall into a vicious circle in which you will feel more depressed and more hungry. (The more sugar and carbohydrates you consume, the more hungry you get).


5.I’m going to cause you nightmares, making it harder to get up in the morning.
6.I am going to make bigger any problem that you already have like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Depression or Anxiety.

If you are willing to pay the price, go ahead and eat that donut, that cookie, that piece of sweet bread and that soda.

The price of eating these foods is very high if you become aware of all that entails. Are you willing to pay that price?


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