Cabin in the woods. Meditation exercise.

Good morning!!! I woke up today thinking I wanted to change my blog design a little. I knew I wanted something narrow that gives a cozy feeling to my blog. I picked this background templete designed by shabbyblogs called “At the cabin”. I loved it, because I’ve always have imagined living at a cabin in the woods, or at least going there when I want to disconnect from the world but connect with myself, and be surrounded with peace, nature, and creativity. Just like the cabin Ursula has at kikis delivery service, I love it so much, I think is my favorite part of the movie, just because of that.

Is that a very common dream for people? I have my doubts, most of the people seem to like noise, or maybe they haven’t stop to think about it, because of the noise itself, a vicious cycle.
Sometimes I do this exercise I created myself, and it is something like going to a cabin in the woods would feel, only that you can do this exercise almost anywhere. I go to a silent solitary place, my bedroom the most of the time, I close the door and lie on my bed, in a comfortable position I close my eyes, and I just focus on myself, trying to invade my body with consciousness, and focusing in the deepest part of my being. I feel like just myself matter, my necessities, my thoughts and ideas, not in a selfish way, but in a lovely act of kindness to myself. I’ve always been a very insecure person, and doing this exercise has helped so much. Lately I feel so much confident of my self, and I’m not influenced by other people like I used to be. I’ve been working with chakras exercises too, specially with the solar plexus, represented by color yellow, which is the will and personal power chakra.
So, if you tend to be an insecure person I’m sure you have many other talents, but if you don’t work with this weakens, any of them will shine. But don’t worry, if you have the desire to change for good, eventually you’ll do it.I’d like to read what do you do when you feel insecure about yourself, please share it in the comments section.


Original post written by the same author 22/01/2013 for Cute Fairy Dreams


Teriyak Vermicelli Noodles & Chicken Recipe

I made Vermicelli Noodles and chicken this friday. I took pictures to share the recipe with you guys. It is very easy to make, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have all the exact ingredients on your pantry, as long as you have some vegetables, and some meat, like, chicken, pork or shrimps. And of course you need the vermicelli (soy) chinese noodles.
This is too much because it was for four persons and we had leftovers too. So please, you calculate depending on how many people you want to feed with this dish.
Chicken breast
Teriyaki sauce
These are the ingredients I used here, but you can experiment and use what you have like, green pepper, peas, mushrooms, shrimps, pork, etc.
Chop the vegetables in small portions.
Meanwhile boil water into a pot, to put the noodles latter.


Put the broccoli and carrots in the pan first, since this vegetables
 need more time to cook.


Move and mix with a big spoon.
Chop the chicken breast in little squares.



When water is already boiling put the noodles in, but be very careful here,
these noodles are very delicate, they only need 2-5 minutes to cook,
otherwise they’ll break. They cook really fast. Please be very careful to not
burn yourself and when they are ready rinse them immediately with cold water
to avoid the noodles to stick each other.
Put the chicken and onions in the pan with the broccoli and carrots
Mix well everything. If you want to accelerate the cooking process, put
the lid on the pan.


Add some teriyaki sauce and mix everything.
Wait for 10 minutes approximately. Please keep checking,
it depends on your stove speed.
Add the noodles and more sauce, and mix everything.
Original post written by the same author 25/11/2012 for Cute Fairy Dreams

Zakka Journal

I finally took the time to make something creative and pretty. I made the cover and back cover of my zakka style journal. I ‘m gonna use it as a combination of art journal, junk journal and writing journal.


I made this compromise with myself to create something pretty at least 2 times a week.
Here are the pictures…


I started with a simple notebook as you can see in the picture
Then I covered the front and back cover with card board paper.
I love the clean, simple, pretty style you get with this kind of paper.
Then I decorated the front page with a paper doily, washi tape, a spoon I
 got from a cereal box, and a pretty korean sticker.
Then added the word “blessings” with a stamp, and added some yellow and silver blings on the right top.
Preparing my tools for some coloring time
And the back cover
That’s it. Bye
Original post written by the same author 30/09/2012 for Cute Fairy Dreams